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“The BC Science curriculum contributes to students’ development as educated citizens through the achievement of the following goals. Students are expected to:

  • develop an understanding and appreciation of the nature of science as an evidence-based way of knowing the natural world that yields descriptions and explanations that are continually being improved within the context of our cultural values and ethics
  • develop place-based knowledge of the natural world and experience the local area in which they live by accessing and building on existing understandings, including those of First Peoples
  • develop a solid foundation of conceptual and procedural knowledge in science that they can use to interpret the natural world and apply to new problems, issues, and events; to further learning; and to their lives
  • develop the habits of mind associated with science — a sustained curiosity; a valuing of questions; an openness to new ideas and consideration of alternatives; an appreciation of evidence; an awareness of assumptions and a questioning of given information; a healthy, informed skepticism; a seeking of patterns, connections, and understanding; and a consideration of social, ethical, and environmental implications
  • develop a lifelong interest in science and the attitudes that will make them scientifically literate citizens who bring a scientific perspective, as appropriate, to social, moral, and ethical decisions and actions in their own lives, culture, and the environment”

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