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How to Register

To register, please follow the directions below:

Step One.

Please complete the online registration form here.

  • Once the ONLINE application is filled out and submitted, you will receive an automated email from our student management system (aka SMS2) explaining your next steps.

 Step Two.

Now you need to send us a copy of identification (POA/ID) and proof of residency (POR) for the student enrolling.

  1. For identification, Birth Certificate, Passport, Status card, or Permanent Resident Card (WE NEED A COPY OF BOTH SIDES OF THE CARD).
  1. For proof of residency, BC Care Card, BC ID Card, BC Driver’s License, Status Card, or current utility bill (WE NEED A COPY OF BOTH SIDES OF THE CARD)
  • Fax, scan or send a picture to
  • Text images to 250-510-4373 (include students name and grade in the body of text)
  • Come to the office to have photocopied: 1033 Nagle Street (McKirdy Building)

 Step Three.

  • Once we have this ID and POR you will move from “requesting” a course to being “enrolled” in a course.
  • At this point, you will receive yet another email from our SMS2.
  • If you are taking a paper-based course you will need to contact your new teacher ASAP to arrange how to get the first assignment
  1. 1-250-746-0277
  • If you are taking an online course you will be able to use the username and password provided (in the email) to enrol in your new online course (in Moodle)
  • If you are moving to the CVDL program full time, we will complete a graduation plan with you and then we will request your records from your old school.

Step Four.

Contact our office at any time should you have any questions or concerns!


1033 Nagle Street (McKirdy Building)

Thank you, we look forward to learning with you!