What is distance education?

CVDL is one of fifty-four public distance education schools in the province of British Columbia. These schools are under the direction of the B.C. Ministry of Education. CVDL is licensed and accredited by the provincial government. CVDL offers programs and courses that have been developed by Open School, Western Canadian Learning Network, and locally by SD79 BC certified teacher and are augmented by direct teacher input in support of the K-12 B.C. curriculum.

Can I graduate with a Dogwood through CVDL?

CVDL employs licensed BC teachers and is entitled to issue BC Secondary school graduation diplomas (Dogwoods) to graduating students. CVDL graduates can participate in a full cap and gown graduation ceremony in June of each year.

What does it cost to take Distance Education?

There is no cost for British Columbia citizens who reside in British Columbia or are temporarily travelling out of the province for up to (2) two years who have not previously graduated.

Can I transfer back to regular school from CVDL?

You may transfer back to regular public school at any time. At year-end, the transition is automatic upon completion of a grade or courses. During the year, students may transfer in or out of CVDL, and, for grades K to 9, the matching of the curriculum will be determined by CVDL teachers for incoming students. The match for students leaving CVDL and entering regular schools will be the receiving school’s responsibility.

What if I attend another school, can I take courses at CVDL?

For Students Kindergarten to Grade 9:
Kindergarten to Grade 9 students must have permission from their school principal.  The neighbourhood school will be charged for the course and materials.

For Students Grades 10 to 12
Students in Grades 10 to 12, may choose to take courses at both at their neighbourhood school and CVDL at no cost.

When can I start?

New courses may be started at any time. Course results are sent to students upon completion of a course. Regular progress reports are also issued for online teacher directed courses. Secondary courses typically average around 120 hours.

How do I find out Graduation Requirements?

Grade and graduation requirements are outlined on the Ministry of Education Website, you can find them at this link: New Graduation Program Requirements. You can make an appointment at ANY time to work with a CVDL academic advisor to review your progress towards graduation.

Can I do Distance Education by myself?

Parents or guardians are expected to assist students by monitoring time and work completed. Parental help may not be possible in some courses and may not be required. A tutor may be hired by the family if and when needed. The counsellors and teachers at CVDL are here to provide assistance either face to face, by phone, email or through texting:)

Are 3rd Party Funds Available?
In the Distributed Learning, the Ministry has set a cap on the 3rd party services/resources allocation of up to $600 per student enrolled by September 30th. For grades 10 to 12, they will be able to access a proportion of the funds based on the number of courses the students is actively engaged in. The school is only able to pay a third party resource or service provider directly and can not pay parents or students.

Allocation of funding to third parties is to be made based on the Student Learning Plan. In order to meet the BC Ministry prescribed curriculum requirements, the teacher will identify the services and resources the school and family are able to provide as well as those services and resources which may require support by way of a third party. If it is determined that third party resources and services are required, an amount up to $600 may be allocated as specified in the student learning plan.

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UBC Admissions and CVDL Courses

The Confusion: We are finding that students in BC are getting mixed messages about doing online (or distance learning) courses and how they impact their admissions to UBC.

Official messaging on how UBC considers online courses is found on THIS PAGE, under “Distributed Learning” (near bottom).

If you have any questions about how UBC will consider your online courses, you are invited to contact UBC at 1-877-807-8521 or recruitment.ok@ubc.ca.

ClarificationsThere is one application cycle each year for UBC. Students interested in being considered for Major Entrance Scholarships and

first round offers need to submit the UBC application before December 1.

  • First round offers. If a student applies before Dec. 1st, their application will be reviewed for early consideration. If the application is strong enough, based on a combination of the grades included in the application and the Personal Profile, they may receive a “first round offer.” Typically, about 25-30% of offers are issued at this point. No one is refused admission in the first round. In progress courses, online or in classroom, are not considered in the first round.
  • The majority of BC students receive an admission decision in March/April after UBC receives additional grade information in the spring. If students want a grade from a DL course to be used in the calculation of their admission average, the DL course needs to be 100% complete by February 1 to allow enough time for the grade to be added to their official report card or transcript and subsequently received by UBC. In the same way, classroom courses finished after Feb 1 are not used (eg. semester #2 courses).
  • A DL course completed after February 1 can still be used to meet a prerequisite for your UBC program.
  • Classroom and DL courses are treated equally in the admission decision.

Advice for Students doing DL Courses

If any of the DL courses you’re taking are part of the requirements for your desired program at UBC, here is some advice.

  • Ensure all required courses are finished by the June deadline.
  • Only courses 100% complete at the time of your application, DL or in classroom, are used for first-round offers.
  • If you want a grade for a DL course to be used in your admission average, complete the course by February 1.
  • Note that you should include eSchoolBC as one of your secondary schools in your “Academic History” on your application.