Planning 10 (O)

Course Information

Career and Life Education, also known as Planning 10 (PL10, 4 credits, No text book)

Career and Life Education/Planning 10 is a course that is required for graduation in BC. It allows students to develop the skills of long term planning and personal responsibility for their learning. Students follow a curriculum that includes elements of planning, health and personal development, and career development . Students also complete a organizer on personal financial literacy. This provides an introduction to major work that is part of their gradation program such as their Graduation Portfolio and a requirement that students participate in a minimum of 30 hours of work experience or community service


Career and Life Education/Planning 10 is an online course. Access your course here.


This course is run completely online in a content managing system called Moodle. When this course is requested, your CVDL teacher will create a Moodle account for you and manually enroll you into the course.

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