PE12 (O)

Physical Education 11 and 12 builds on the concepts of Active Living, Movement, Personal and Social Responsibility developed in earlier grades. Active Living provides students with opportunities to make appropriate choices and set personal goals that enhance their quality of life. Movement includes physical activities in the areas of; dance, games, and gymnastics as well as individual and team activities. Personal and Social Responsibility provides opportunities for students to acquire leadership skills and an understanding of the qualifications required to pursue careers related to physical activity.

The experiential component of this course encourages students to explore a variety of physical activity options and the theoretical component focuses on further personal development and enhanced leadership skills and involvement within the community. This course allows for great flexibility in meeting the learning outcomes – including possible adaptations for learners with limited mobility.


Physical Education 12 is an online course. Sign into your course here.


This course is run completely online in a content managing system called Moodle. When this course is requested, your CVDL teacher will create a Moodle account for you and manually enroll you into the course