PE10 (O)

Course Information

Physics and Health Education (aka Physical Education 10 (PHE 10/ PE10, 4 credit, no textbook)

Physics and Health Education/ Physical Education in grade 10 is a required area of study for all students. It helps students to enhance their quality of life through active living. It is organized around themes of Active Living, Movement, and Personal and Social Responsibility. In this online PE 10 course, you will be responsible for approximately 30-40 hours of “course work” as well as 100 hours of logged activities. These activity logs are submitted weekly, throughout the duration of the course.

Physics and Health Education 10 is an online course. Sign into your course here.

This course is run completely online in a content managing system called Moodle. When this course is requested, your CVDL teacher will create a Moodle account for you and manually enroll you into the course.