Grad Transitions 12 (O)

Graduation Transitions is an opportunity for students to reflect on their own knowledge and abilities, and to plan for life after graduation by collecting evidence of their achievements in the required areas of personal health, community connections, career and life.  Graduation Transitions is intended to prepare students for a successful transition to life after secondary school. In order to meet this goal, Graduation Transitions encourages students to take ownership of their own health and learning; examine and demonstrate connections between their learning and their future; create a plan for their growth and development as skilled, healthy, knowledgeable, participating citizens; and exhibit attributes of a BC graduate.

Grad trans 12 is an online course. Access your online course here.

This course is run completely online in a content managing system called Moodle. When this course is requested, your CVDL teacher will create a Moodle account for you and manually enroll you into the course