Geography 12 (O)

Course Information

GEOGRAPHY 12 (GEO12, 4 credit, no textbook)

Geography 12 focuses on the impact of geography on social systems. This include the interrelationship of people, places, and resources: human and physical systems; resource management and resource sustainability. Student will look at local, regional, and global perspectives of environmental issues. The course is organized around themes location, place, human and physical interactions, movement, and regions and how the systems of Earth such as weather, climate, and tectonic processes effect the world we live in.

Prerequisite:  None.

Geography 12 is an online course, Access your online course here.

 This course is run completely online in a content managing system called Moodle. When this course is requested, your CVDL teacher will create a Moodle account for you and manually enroll you into the course.